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Beyond immunity booster: how Vitamin C helps us fight diseases?

Vitamin C is well-known for its ability to stimulate immunity. Hot tea with lemon or ascorbate pills – everyone has their way of supplementing themselves with Vitamin C to fight against cold. However, there is much more to Vitamin C than immunity boost! The range of clinical conditions, where Vitamin C application could be of […]

Vitamin C

Liposomal delivery of Vitamin C: benefits of the envelopes and ZIP-codes

When you send a letter – you do not just throw it as it is in a mailbox, do you? You carefully fold your letter, put it in an envelope and seal it. You write a destination address and put a stamp. You make sure, that your letter is delivered safe, sound and on time. […]

In Vi(tami)no veritas, Neutrophils

“Corona” used to be such a nice word, associated with kings and fairytales, gold and gems. Nowadays it is associated with doctors and horror stories, pills, and lung ventilators. Corona crisis is a troubling time, no doubt. However, where a shadow is, there is also light. The pandemic has given us a lot: starting from […]