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Overcome Vitamin C Deficiency

Am I Vitamin C Deficient? How can I prevent it and treat it?!

What is vitamin C deficiency? Vitamin C deficiency, how do we recognize it? What can we do to prevent it or treat it? Liposomal Vitamin C by OPTIMUNITY may be the answer. Vitamin C deficiency is also known as scurvy, and is usually associated with socioeconomic status and/or limited access to healthy food. This results […]

How much of Vitamin C is too much

Can Vitamin C be too Much of a GOOD Thing?

First, what is Vitamin C? Water-soluble vitamin; essential for all humans. One of vitamin C’s most known functions is the support of immune health. Vitamin C supports various cellular functions of both the adapt and innate immune system [8]. Now more than ever, we need our immune systems to be functioning optimally!  Vitamin-C refers to […]