Triumph Over COVID-19: The Remarkable Resilience Offered by Liposomal Vitamin C

Triumph Over COVID-19: The Remarkable Resilience Offered by Liposomal Vitamin C
As the new day’s sun breaks over the lush forest, a bottle of liposomal Vitamin C stands on a tree stump, representing the synergy of nature’s restoration and scientific health support.

In the wake of a global health crisis, “Ignite Healing: The Powerful Impact of Liposomal Vitamin C on COVID-19 Recovery” emerges as a beacon of hope. As the world grapples with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the quest for effective remedies has led to a remarkable discovery—the transformative role of Liposomal Vitamin C. This isn’t just another vitamin supplement; it’s a cutting-edge ally, encapsulated within liposomes for superior absorption and efficacy.

Dive into the science and stories behind this potent form of Vitamin C, which has shown promising results in fortifying the immune response and accelerating recovery. With its unique ability to penetrate cells and deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream, Liposomal Vitamin C stands at the forefront of therapeutic innovation. In this comprehensive guide, we explore how it may not only ignite the body’s healing process but also serve as a pivotal component in turning the tide against the long-term impacts of COVID-19. Join us on a journey through the cellular landscapes where healing begins, and resilience is reborn.

What is a Liposome?

Liposomes are manufactured, hollow, spherical vesicles composed of a lipid bilayer [1]. Pharmaceuticals and/or dietary supplements are loaded into the liposome in order to enhance intestinal absorption after ingestion.

There for, liposomal delivery is the act of delivering pharmaceuticals and supplements via a liposome.

[image 1] The vitamin is placed in the inner hydrophilic area or in the hydrophobic area of the membrane. The liposome protects the vitamin compounds from the stomach acid in order to ensure proper delivery to the intestines where optimal absorption happens.

Illustration of liposomes as spherical vesicles with pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements being encapsulated for enhanced absorption.
Capturing the essence of liposomal delivery: Spherical liposomes encapsulating pharmaceuticals and supplements for optimal absorption.

Vitamin C’s Enhancement on Immunity

Vitamin C is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and immune supporting capabilities. Preclinical studies in trauma and sepsis patients show that vitamin C lessens oxidative stress and inflammation, while also restoring endothelial and organ function [2].

“The importance of vitamin C in critically ill patients can be observed in pond turtles.”

Spoelstra-de Man AME, Elbers PWG, Oudemans-Van Straaten HM.

Pond Turtles possess a high concentration of vitamin C in the brain. They exhibit a high tolerance for oxygen depletion when diving under water, and vitamin C may help to prevent oxidative damage to neurons during re-oxygenation (after they come up for air) [2]. In comparison to the turtles, evidence suggests that vitamin C could also protect critically ill patients against oxidative stress when they are depleted of oxygen.

“Why are we talking about turtles when we should be talking about Liposomal Vitamin C and Covid-19 Recovery?”

Because , one of the most fatal symptoms of Covid-19 is respiratory stress. Respiratory stress can cause low oxygen saturation which can lead to brain damage and organ failure. Brain damage that is similar to the pond turtle.

How do turtles combat brain damage? – Vitamin C. (SO COOL)

Pond turtles in their habitat, with a focus on their brains highlighted to indicate high vitamin C concentration, symbolizing their resilience to oxygen depletion and re-oxygenation.
Pond turtles in their natural environment, showcasing the vital role of vitamin C in their brains for protecting against oxidative stress.

Key Points about Vitamin C and the Critically Ill [2]

  • an intervenus dose of 2-3g/day is needed to restore normal plasma concentrations
  • Vitamin C reduced organ failure (in older studies), and recent small studies suggested that vitamin C; 6-16 g/day reduces vasopressor support, improves recovery from organ failure, and may reduce mortality
  • A short course of large amounts of vitamin C ( administered in a hospital) seems tolerated, and may even improve kidney function.

Vitamin C and Covid-19 Recovery

There are still very few targeted therapeutics available for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) but there have been ways clinicians can manage symptoms. Treatment for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is most important when helping victims of covid-19 survive. Multiple studies have found that high-dose intravenous vitamin C reduces systemic inflammation, weakens cytokine surge, and prevents lung injury in severe sepsis and ARDS patients [3].

A Recent case study reported the following: [3]

  • 74-year-old white woman
  • 2 day history of low grade fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath
  • Normal blood pressure, pulse of 87 beats per minute
  • Oxygen saturation of 87% ( Normal levels: 95-100%)
  • chest radiography showed patchy air space with opacity in the right upper lobe (typical of pneumonia)
  • Nasopharyngeal swab positive for Covid-19

On day 6 the patients shortness of breath rapidly worsened and oxygen requirements went from 3L to 15L. On day 7 she was put on mechanical ventilation and started on high-dose vitamin C (11g/day).

She began to improve. On day 16 her oxygen saturation was at 92%.

This particular study showed high dose vitamin C was associated with fewer days on ventilation, shorter ICU stay, and earlier recovery compared to the average number of days on ventilation, ICU stay, and recovery of other patients in the ICU of the same hospital. This study shows the importance of further investigation with the use of Vitamin C as a therapeutic target against Covid-19.

Vitamin C is a huge boost for the Immune System

MANY years of research show that vitamin C is SO important for immune cell function. Patients with vitamin C deficiency are more susceptible to infection, including pneumonia [3].

Vitamin Cs immune system enhancements:

  • enhances neutrophil motility (white blood cell movement)
  • phagocytosis (white blood cells eating invaders)
  • microbial killing
  • apoptosis (controlled cell death)
  • prevents oxidative damage
  • promotes B and T lymphocytes proliferation (white blood cell multiplication)
  • Antibody production

“Recent data have shown that vitamin C also prevents production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which causes lung injury and leads to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Which is observed in critically ill Covid-19 patients.”

Waqas Khan HM, Parikh N, Megala SM, Predeteanu GS.

Is intravenous Vitamin C the best for preventing severe Covid-19 symptoms?

The answer is No! if you are not critically ill and hospitalized, there is no need to be given vitamin C intravenously. Liposomal Vitamin C is all about PREVENTION of many diseases, not just Covid-19. It is important to keep your immune system REVED up!

There was a study done by Davis et al. that compared serum concentrations from patients who were given 4g of Liposomal Vitamin C, 4g of un-encapsulated vitamin C (meaning not by liposomal delivery), and by IV infusion.

The finding’s showed circulating concentrations of vitamin C were greater after delivery of Liposomal Vitamin C.

Alluding to the powerful delivery and absorption properties of Liposomal Vitamins!!

Health and Wellness is important when Combating any disease!

Increased Age and co-morbidities make severe Covid-19 infections much more likely. Many of the co-morbidities listed on the CDC website are co-morbidities that can be prevented by lifestyle changes.


  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary artery disease

There are many more co-morbidities that increase likelihood of severe Covid-19, but the 4 just listed are preventable and treatable with lifestyle changes.

Obesity can be combated with a healthy diet and exercise, EVERYONE needs to quit smoking (I can’t believe people still smoke). Type 2 diabetes WILL not manifest in individuals who control their diets with limit sugar and fat ingestion. Coronary artery disease (if caused by high fat diets) can also be prevented.

We have control over how healthy our lives are! With diet, exercise, and supplemental vitamin C intake, we can enhance our chances of beating severe Covid-19 disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to get Vitamin C from a diet high in Vitamin C or from a supplement?

Both are important. It is always important to nourish our bodies with healthy foods. But when life gets busy, its hard to keep track of all our vitamin intake. Supplements are great to ENSURE you are getting the proper amount of vitamins.

Who would benefit from IV Vitamin C?

Only critically ill patients.

If liposomal delivery requires vitamins to be delivered via a lipid vesicle, will the lipid vesicle add to my daily intake of fat?

No. The amount is so small, it would not make difference in your fat intake.

I am obese, what is the best way to begin my weight loss journey?

Start by cutting out processed foods, and increasing fruits and vegetables, along with JUST drinking water. There is so much sugar hiding in drinks. I personally like to fast as well, 16:8. You should speak to your doctor and do trial and error to see what works best for your body. Also, work with a personal trainer and go slow until you get some of the extra weight off.

Do you recommend a liposomal Vitamin C supplement?

OPTIMUNITY is the supplement I personally take. I would recommend it to anyone, my blood work has always returned as the epitome of health, but you need to speak with your doctor before taking any supplements.