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Capsules Vs Liquid Form of Liposomal Vitamin C

Powdered Liposomal Vitamin C Vs Liquid Form:Lets Find Out The Best!

Better Absorption

One of the tricky things about getting enough vitamin C through food is that most of it is not absorbed in the gut. This is because vitamin C is not fat-soluble, so it doesn’t make its way into fatty tissue.

To solve this, most people should be taking powdered liposomal vitamin C to ensure the best absorption rate.

Because liposomal vitamin c capsules deliver a dose of vitamin c surrounded by phospholipids, vitamin c is efficiently delivered into the lymphatic system. This means the user receives a more effective vitamin C dose than traditional vitamin c or its liquid form. [1]

Easier on the Stomach

 Vitamin C is water-soluble, which means most of it is normally excreted by the body. In order to get the proper dosage and have any positive effect, many people take a large dose of vitamin C which can lead to diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.

This is not the case with liposomal vitamin c because it goes directly to the bloodstream encapsulated in liposomes, and not through the digestive system.

In addition to being easier on the stomach, this delivery of vitamin C offers far superior bioavailability and less waste. [2]

Benefits of Capsules

Capsules of powdered liposomal vitamin c are easy to take anywhere with you, including on a plane, and are easy to store.

Liquid vitamin c needs to be stored in the refrigerator, has restrictions to taking on a plane, and has a very short shelf life. There is no reason or benefit to using liquid vitamin C when powdered capsules are vastly superior.

High Potency

Buying a liquid vitamin c and taking large doses, only for it to be expelled from the body (typically when urinating) is neither the best choice for someone’s health nor wallet.

 Choosing a liposomal vitamin C is better for your health because it delivers the vitamin C directly to your cells which gives you the highest level of potency and thus, health benefits. To read more about all of the many health benefits of liposomal vitamin c check out our blog post here [insert link]

No Soy

A quality liposomal vitamin C, such as the Optimunity brand, does not contain any soy.

Soy is a common allergen, and worse, most soybeans are genetically modified which can lead to negative effects on health [3].

Sunflower is a superior source for phospholipids because it is non-allergenic and has a much healthier extraction method. The better choice is a supplement with sunflower as its ingredient source.

Frequently asked questions on powder form vs liquid form of liposomal vitamin c

Q: What are liposomes?

A: Microscopic fat molecules designed to carry vitamins directly into the body’s cells.

Q: How do I choose the best liposomal vitamin c?

A: We have a blog post on how to choose the best. You must read it.


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